TEAMOBA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of TEAMOBA?
TEAMOBA's purpose is to provide a matchmaking service for the vast MOBA community. Since games like Dota 2, League of Legends and future games are mostly based on the free-to-play model, randomly being paired with players in the public queue can often be both a frustrating and unpleasant experience. To reduce the likelihood of a wasted game, TEAMOBA encourages gamers to find like minded friends and partners so that games are more fun and fulfilling overall. Our review system is the backbone of our service as it allows individuals to filter and locate players they can relate to.

How do I maximize benefiting from it?
We recommend that you create a profile that is as accurate to your gaming persona as possible. Once this is done, upload a snazzy profile image then reach out to other TEAMOBA members and start gaming. Accruing reviews is the best way to get noticed as profiles that are reviewed often get the most exposure throughout the site. Once you have a respectable number of reviews people just like you will flock to you themselves, asking to partner up.

What are TEAMOBA prizes and how do I win one?
We want you guys to have fun and so every week we will be gifting one lucky member with a Dota 2 skin, Steam game, League of Legends RP, or something else really cool. In order to qualify you need to have received a review that week, and you can win as many times as you qualify for a prize.

How do I join TEAMOBA?
In order to join TEAMOBA you will need an invite code. Invite codes can be purchased via PayPal for a one-time fee of $30 US. This permits you to create one profile per game with your account. What this means is you can have as many profiles as you want, but only one profile per game. We charge the nominal fee to prevent the gaming of the rating system and to ensure that players in TEAMOBA are serious about finding good games. Accounts never expire and there is no monthly or yearly fee.
TEAMOBA Profiles
Do I need to fill in all the fields on the profile creation page?
Yes - unless otherwise marked, all the fields on the profile creation pages are required.

Can anyone see my profile?
Both members and visitors can see your profile. Since the information you provide (username, Steam ID) is all public information already there is no information being provided on TEAMOBA that a person can't freely find on the internet. Anything else you provide in your introduction is at your own discretion.

Can I create multiple profiles?
You can only create one profile per game. This means if you have a Dota 2 profile, you can still create a League of Legends one. However you cannot have two Dota 2 profiles at the same time.

Can I delete profiles?
Yes - you can delete any profile anytime. However this action is nonreversible and all reviews on that profile will be permanently lost.

Can I change my username?
In order to change your username or Steam ID you must contact us. This is to prevent the gaming of the system.

Can I create profiles for more than one game?
Absolutely, and we recommend you do so.

Can anyone contact me from my profile?
No - only TEAMOBA members can contact you via your profile and view other details such as your Steam profile.

If I contact someone do they get my e-mail address?
No - they receive your message and a link to your TEAMOBA profile. They can then add you as a friend or contact you back, but will never see your email address.
Can I respond to a review left for me?
Yes - you can respond to a review left for you, but only once. If the user you responded to decides to delete their review, your response will also be removed.

Can I delete a review I leave for someone else?
Yes - within 4 days of posting it. After that 4 days the review remains permanent.

Can I review someone else more than once?
No - in order to prevent the gaming of the review system each member is only permitted to review another member once. You may however renew your review once every week - this will increase the impact your review has on their rating.

What are review renewals?
A review renewal allows you to re-assert a review you have left for someone. This increases the value of your review and pushes it to the top of their profile. This permits users to thumbs up friends or players who have repeatedly demonstrated good gaming. You may only renew reviews scored a 3 or higher.

I don't like a review someone else left for me. What can I do about it?
Unfortunately, this will happen sometimes! The best thing to do when something awry goes on during a game and finds itself in a review is to either learn from it, ignore it, or respond to it. If you feel it is illegitimate ignoring is usually the best option, but if you feel compelled to add information to it don't hesitate to reply. Remember, you may reply only once and it will permanently be visible on your profile. If, however, a review breaches our guidelines, report it to us.

Rules & Guidelines
  • Profiles must be your own - do not impersonate someone else as doing so will lead to your entire account being terminated with all your profiles being removed from TEAMOBA. If you find someone else is in breach of this rule contact us and we will confirm your identity with you.
  • Profile images must not contain nudity, extreme violence, or anything that is deemed inappropriate for a general audience. Purposefully doing so may result in your account being terminated.
  • Neither profiles nor reviews may contain racism, sexism, bigotry or prejudice in any kind. Such entries will be deleted and their authors warned.
  • Do not post the personal information of anyone else on the site. We recommend you refrain from posting your own personal information as well.
  • Do not post, enact, or suggest anything that is illegal in your country of residence, which includes threatening the physical safety of any other individual.
  • Use of TEAMOBA is at your discretion and you hold TEAMOBA free of any liability incurred as a result of your use of the site.

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