Dota 2 Experience
2 years
Approximate Skill Level
Preferred Role
Duo Lane (support)
Preferred Game Length
Long games
Play Times
Evenings & Weekends
English & Spanish
Looking for
A fun group
If my team loses a teamfight badly
I want to remain defensive until we win some fights
I buy wards
in about 50% of my games
I gravitate towards
Steady gold and item building
I get annoyed in pub games
A smart farmer will
generally win the game due to late game snowball
follow a plan even if I'll die
Farm and gold is
integral to my gameplay
I try to get a kill lead
late game
Tower pushing is
extremely important to me
i can play all the roles effectively, im better at supporting and semi carrying the game. But im very polivalent to every hero in game.
Favorite Heroes
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